Acratech GV2 Ball Head - a story and some photos

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Re: Another solution

JamieTux wrote:

I guess that Arca Swiss must have opened up their mount to get more people using it whereas Manfrotto seemed to keep everything proprietry.

Dovetail slides have probably been around for centuries. so I doubt if Arca-Swiss has any patent rights to the design. Furthermore, some camera plates and clamps may appear to be compatible with the Arca-Swiss design, but may not work together. Sometimes the dimensions of the plate or the clamp just do not match, or the jaws of the clamp do not open wide enough for the plate to fit in.

I think the only safe solution to the "creeping" problem is to get a camera plate with a lip, a base that is machined to fit the shape of your camera, or some other feature that resists rotation around the mounting screw.

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