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Re: ILC and dSLR

Well, I am pleased to see that I have brother in arms. Can I suggest that with an EVF the pleasure of MF is even increased?

This trend of matching the latest digital body with lenses that are often 30 years old was called by someone Jedi work. In Street Shooting ond can work in Hyperfocal, based on the lens scales, corrected by the crop factor. Therefore no shutter delay at all. You rely on DOF.

People who don't know about photography will compain endlessly about slow AF in mirrorless, without suspecting that they have the solution in their settings.

Or do people realise than when the have in-camera stabilisation they don't even need the fastest, 1000 $, lens in the world, because they can often shoot three F below nominal?

True ILC tend to include expert systems that produce wonderful results OOC. But that happens mostly in average light conditions. When light gets difficult onedd must make choices because no camera is ever going to match the Dynamic Range of the human eye. But go explain it...

So it's true that customers are confused by too many camera choices, but first and foremost because they are not able to choose one according their shooting style.

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