60D successor! Soon???

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Re: 60D successor! Soon???

Hey guys. These days Nikon released the new D5100, which features new cool modes (included in video mode) like miniature effect, color sketch, selective color and so for... . Do you think Canon would introduce the 60D's successor sooner, in order to compete in the market? I just want to hear your thoughts about this, thanks.

Howzit wrote:

The 70D wont be introduced until after the 7DII is launched. How else do you expect the 60D to get current 7D features while the 7D is still current?

My prediction, and I could be completely wrong, is September this year (2011) for 7DII when the 7D is two years old and March 2012 for 70D when 60D is 18 months old.

...in the meantime get the camera you want for your needs now. Why wait?

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