Have you had doubt of your image because of your LCD resolution?

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Re: Low Res LCD also hides Unsharp Flaws, discover bad photo on computer

Well exactly my point... coming from High resolution screen, the images on the low res screen look fuzzy. And that almost makes me assume that is the actual IQ of the picture or close to it. But the actual results are amazing and I must try to remember that. Not to judge off what a low res LCD gives you but knowing it is much more than that.

007peter wrote:

Rakumi wrote:

I am seeing unsharpness, noise, less accurate or vibrant colors.... But when I pop the image onto the computer or even load the card into a high-res LCD camera, I see how good the shots of my Xsi come out

Yes, but keep in mind that is also works the opposite. I had many photo that I thought was "sharp" and perfect when I preview the images on LCD. Only to find out that those photo " appear sharp on XSi's LCD " were actually slightly out of focus upon examination on big computer monitor.

I just upgraded to a T1i (500d) with 920K high resolution LCD, and the sharpness is unbelievable . Comparing against my old XSi side-by-side, no comparison. The new LCD makes the old one look down right fuzzy.

After this experience, I cannot go back down to a 3" Low Resolution 230K lcd anymore.

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