I think the E-PL2 is a absolutely awesome camera

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Yes.. fine .. and many thanks for a thoughtful reply. It does seem that there is not such a major difference in the basic elements of the two versions..early and later .. and I do have a high regard for the lovely quality of construction of the PEN-1/2 versions over the EP's.. this I've seen mentioned in a few of the available Reviews .. I love the feel and handling of the "full" versions for want of a better description and taking all into account I really wonder if the cost of any change as it is here in old rip-off UK is really worth it at this stage. Maybe we SHALL see yet another leap of a kind in the quite near future.


I wasn't sure if you were also wondering about the spec difference between the E-P1 and the E-P2 as well as between the E-P1 and E-PL2. I wrote something but it was a bit too long and subjective to inflict on everyone in the forum, so have sent you a PM (see the "view conversations" bit in your Profile) to offer to send it to you (or not) as you prefer.


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OK thanks.. please check the messages box ...

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