HS20EXR VIDEO [Center focus mode]

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Re: HS20EXR VIDEO [Center focus mode]

markm75 wrote:

I tried these steps with no success.. holding the camera still, wide angle, no zoom, it still blurs, trying to focus every few seconds.. i turned anti blur off too.. my tests were done indoors in an office environment with very good lighting.

I set it to auto, continuous autofocus, center etc..

Don't worry. You're not to blame. Its the darn camera which is buggy. I've also been there and done all that... until I exclaimed 'Aaaarghh' loudly and gave up!

Now others who have had the chance of shooting similarly are uploading video clips which show exactly the same old problems, no matter what they do and how they set the camera within its menus.

The F550EXR is just very crappy at zooming during video.


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