Burst rate with noise reduction 60D

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Burst rate with noise reduction 60D


Back in December 2010 a thread going over burst rate was on the forum and one response answered the OPs question My question is if you turn off in camera NR for the shoot to get the burst rate. Can you add this NR effect in DPP afterwards..? I’ve been limping along with this burst limit but the output has been good. On the next shoot I don't want to have lots of images limited by way more noise. In short I want my cake and I want to eat it to..! Can anyone help../



I searched both the web and the user manual but came up with no result.

When in creative zone modes (Av, Tv, ...), I just found that the max frames for a single burst is only 5 on my 60D! Even if I reduce the image size to smaller jpgs, it is still limited to 5 frames. Fast 32GB cards or slower smaller ones make no difference. I can get 48 or more frames on sports etc modes. Did anyone else notice this? Is it normal? On my 40D I did not see difference between modes. Now it is loaded with firmware ver 1.0.8. Not sure about ver 1.0.5. Any ideas about this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

C.Fn II-2, p. 254 of the manual.
It'll slow down processing and max. burst, even at low ISO.

Thank you Lemming51!!

It is the High Iso Noise Reduction that limits the max burst to 5 frames. I tested the effect of noise reduction the other day and forgot to change it back. It is not thing to do with firmware versions. Strange thing is, this only happens at the combination of high iso noise reduction + creative zone modes and the max frames is constantly limited to 5 frames.
Thanks again for all the helps.

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I'm glad that's solved. I just changed to no noise reduction. I'll just see how that works out using LR3 as needed. I'd rather have the burst rate.
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