All lenses should have IS...

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Re: All lenses should have IS...

ledauphin wrote:

I never really though much of IS but after testing out some lenses, it helps so much. Anyone else feel it should be standard on all lenses?

Thats the first thought you get when using your first one. For those who want to point and shoot, without paying attention to shutter speed and stable support, using a IS lens gives better results.

Then, as you start expanding your photographic interests, you will find that only a high shutter speed will give you sharp images with moving subjects.

I like IS on long and short focal lengths for still objects, but just crank up the shutter speed of moving ones or for lenses with no IS.

Of the short focal length lenses, I fount the 24-70 could use it most. That is because, on a smaller camera body like a 60D, it is very front heavy and difficult to hold still for long periods. A smaller prime lens is no problem, at least for me.

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