Going back to Firefox 3.6.15 if you installed FF 4.x

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Re: Taming Firefox 4 (changing it to look more like FF 3.6)

rkhndjr wrote:

Jim, just read this and want to ask what the main advantage of FF4 is over 3.6.16 which I just changed to on your advice in the other post about that. Thanks..

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Dave19 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Tks Jim for posting the article. I don't agree with the writer, I think most people know how to use the scroll button without breaking out in a sweat, but WHY wouldn't one want to see as much of the page as possible before having to scroll?

For faster access to frequently used features, tools, etc., with less mouse movement or hunting through menus

Perhaps a poor analogy... But, I prefer a camera with more external controls and buttons to one where I need to dig through menus to get to frequently used features, so I prefer the same thing in a browser.

I want my tabs closer to my mouse since I use those more often than the address bar, I want a bookmarks toobar for sites I frequent often, I want my file menus for easier copying and pasting without needing to use my keyboard shortcuts, etc.)

If I wanted to scroll, I'd still be using a 15" monitor.

But, you're probably not using a 15" monitor for the most part from what I gather from that sentence. So, why not give up a bit of real estate for other purposes?

Because I want it all. I use IE9 in full screen mode all the time. It gives me maximum page view and by moving cursor to top I get all the options that I want. Address bar & tabs, bookmarks (links) bar with tool options are available. FF4 only gives me Address bar & tabs (F11) and Chrome 10 won't display any upper task bars (F11).

The only thing that I don't have without minimizing page is the lower task bar which I also have the hidden option turned on.

Personally, even when using a 15" display, I'd keep the toolbars I have now. Only when I get into much smaller displays would I want to compromise any.

You can still press F11 if you really want to go full screen on a site that you want to see more of without scrolling (and with FF, you can move your cursor to the top of the screen and see tabs and address bar when desired, with those "auto hiding' when you move the cursor back down again).

I've got a little EeePC 900 16G netbook, and yes, I tend to make some compromises on what gets displayed with it, so that I can see more of a web page without scrolling as much. But, on anything much larger, I prefer the convenience of having my toolbars and menus visible.

Here's what my Win 7 setup looks like running FF 4 (just using a 22" display at 1680x1050 right now). I don't mind giving up a bit of screen real estate for the way I like it setup.

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