Leica M8 vs. EP2 ( a little comparison)

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Re: Leica M8 vs. EP2 ( a little comparison)

Don Schultz wrote:


It looks like you needed a ND filter for the PEN and perhaps the same merering mode as the Leica. WB looks better on the PEN IMHO, the Leica looks a little Yellow!

Have to agree here - the Olympus photo looks over-exposed and I notice the shutter speed is maxed out at 4000th of a second.

I have two E-Pl2's and love them, they really suit my needs and are really compact. I used to have an M8 and this was my favourite camera ever!!!! Shame I couldn't justify having so much cash tied up in a camera system. Whilst it was limited in functions etc I found the image quality to be truly stunning with Leica glass ......... I want it back alongside one of my e-PL2's

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