Do UV-Haze filters really degrage IQ . . .

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Re: Absolutely not!!!!!

Steve H wrote:

As this answers the OP's original question, the only remaining question is whether a filter protects a lens. On this question I can also settle the argument.

Many years ago (I think it was either 1978 or 1979) I dropped my camera with lens attached which hit the ground, lens first, with a sickening thud. Fearing the worst, I picked it up fully expecting the lens to be broken and the camera lens mount to be bent out of alignment rendering the body completely useless.

Imagine my elation when I discovered that not only was the camera itself still intact but the lens too! The filter was smashed, but it had saved both my lens and my camera. A $100 filter had absorbed the force of the impact and protected not only a $1500 lens but also a $3000 body, proving conclusively that filters are a good investment.

There is now no need for any further discussion on this topic.

Ah, but I have a counterexample. I was walking down the sidewalk one day and tried to step off to cross the street. Unbeknownst to me, there was a filter the city had installed over the storm drain, and a wire extended about an inch above sidewalk level. I tripped and fell down to the ground. I tried catching myself with my other foot, but it snagged the wire, too. I'd been carrying my camera with 135mmL lens attached, and it struck the pavement hard.

Like you, after I recovered from a daze, I expected my camera and/or lens to be smashed. In fact, the body around the battery compartment door was dented so that I couldn't close the battery door without considerable force. Once I did that, the camera worked perfectly (I filed it down slightly later for a better fit). As for the lens, it was wearing its hood, which bore the brunt of the collision. The hood is scratched, but the lens seems otherwise unaffected. I saved the prices of a $100 filter.

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