E-PL1 and Panny 45-200 OIS lens

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Re: E-PL1 and Panny 45-200 OIS lens

BobT wrote:

Thanks for leading me especially to the "slrgear' website. I was thinking of picking up a Panny 45-200mm for the extra reach over that of my 40-150mm. But I may have second thoughts. Seems the OLY lens rates a bit better than the Panny; with both seeming to fizzle out as the tele gets tele-er. The 40-150 seems to get better marks in general as well. The original plan was to possibly dump that lens for the longer Panny. Maybe not, now.

Many have dumped the 45-200mm for that reason (not so good) plus of course it's bigger and heavier than the Oly kit. If wanting serious good tele you need to go heavy duty and then end up with big lenses on a bigger body like some appropriate Nikon or Canon DSLR model.

Anyway, with any camera I usually am quite happy to take the longest tele and then do post process crop to get a bit more reach.

If wanting a very large print then that's not so good an idea, but for an A4 or letter size print then you really only need about 4 megapixels to get something that still looks good. That means for E-PL1 a crop at about 1.5x or 1.6x linear will deliver, turning the 300mm equivalent into 450mm or 480mm equivalent. For a postcard print or for TV 1920x1080 display then that can be taken even further.

Shake and stability issues usually limit what you can do with long lenses and it's at its best best with good light and/or tripods.

Regards.......... Guy

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