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Re: FZ100 Image Quality- JPG vs RAW

Egret wrote:

Hello Chris,

I have no trouble with any of that, and did say that it probably would not be that evident at normal size prints or occur as heavily in many types of images. You say that nobody views the images at 100%, but in fact many of the people who are judging image quality on the FZ100 have done exactly that and come away criticizing the camera for a smudged appearing image with poor resolution.

That is true -i I reeally meant ordinary users rather than professional or amateur critics (I've seen the difference between FZ100 and FZ38 at 400 ISO at 100% and have been alarmed at it, but I've also seen some cracking FZ100 shots taken by members of this forum, so both sides as it were).

we all know many many people prefer a +1 or +2 on sharpness, and there are frequent complaints from some that the image is not sharp enough.

I find the Leica lenses beautifully sharp, as I'vecome from Minolta film optics. Having said that, I always sharpen after cropping but I suppose that's just to regain what I've just lost.
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