Poor man's 24mm 1.4 alternative on my D7000

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Poor man's 24mm 1.4 alternative on my D7000

Since 24mm f1.4 is neither wide (FOV) enough nor affordable for me, the only option I had was the Sigma 20mm f1.8 - there is no alternative available at this FOV and wide aperture, so I bought a used one and gave it a try. To my pleasant surprise, it is not as bad as I originally thought especially that I paid only a fraction of its original price!

Not sure if it was my luck or that older AF system is more accurate (despite slower), my copy did not require any fine-tuning on my D7000 which is notoriously sensitive. Overall, here are my views on this lens+D7000 combo:

-AF is accurate (but slow)
-Very sharp from f2.8 upwards (soft corners are hallmarks of Sigma)
-Great shallow DOF at f1.8 for environmental portraits esp great for parties
-Soft images at f1.8 but usable and can be remedied by pp

-Able to focus very close to the subject ie creative perspective, up close & personal!
-A poor man's closest alternative to a 24/1.4G!

Here are some samples - not the best (cloud day) but illustrate its image quality, FOV & DOF at wide apertures. Any comments welcome!

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