E-PL1 and Panny 45-200 OIS lens

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Re: E-PL1 and Panny 45-200 OIS lens

Bob, any M4/3 lens plugs into any M4/3 body without any dramas - no adapters needed.

The 45-200mm lens seems to get reasonable reviews but don't expect miracles at the tele end, as is the same with most long tele lenses built to a price.

Best to turn off IBIS and use the lens OIS is my guess. The books say not to use both together but some say they do and it works OK.

Panasonic don't make the smallest lenses so the size might annoy if wanting a small kit. Olympus have generally tried harder to make their lenses smaller and lighter.

Try the simulator at http://www.four-thirds.org/en/special/matching.html to get an idea of how chunky the lens might be in comparison to other choices.

In my case on the weekend I was using the very old Oly 40-150mm 4/3 lens that has the larger maximum apertures and it was not too big for me to handle. In my own case I like the small body and large lens combination, and was also using the 4/3 11-22mm and the 4/3 14-54mm lenses with no problems. Come to think of it I didn't use the normal M4/3 kit lenses at all for the whole 4 days I was away.

Some Pany lens tests here may be of interest http://www.slrgear.com/reviews/showcat.php/cat/69

Regards......... Guy

BobT wrote:

Is this a good combo? Is the Panasonic lens with IS in-lens workable (without problems) with the E-PL1 with IBIS? Do you simply disable the IS in the lens? Or the camera body? And then, if all is workable with this concern(one way or other), just how good does this lens do on the PEN? IQ? Size/weight? And lastly, can the Panny lens be attached to the PEN body withOUT any extra adapter?
I'm still a MFT newbie....but learning....slowly. Thanks

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