Is the RE35 genuine?

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Re: free publicity for the ad agency...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

The ad agency in Hamburg says that it's a hoax. (technically, they "preannounced" the hoax, which is really different).

The really, really sad thing is that an industrial designer, having a little fun, managed to produce 6 drawings that were better than anything ImageK/Silicon Film/SIDE/Voyager One produced in 8 years of actually trying to promote their product and attract investors.

it is sad indeed... it would have had been a great product 10 years ago... today? don't think so (maybe only as a niche product), and sad indeed that all the R&D&marketing money that was sunk into the prev project, well, sunk.

Rogge and Pott did a whole "identity" package, came up with a name, secured the URL, created a decent little logo, a sales blurb, drawings, and put it all together into something that outclassed the real Silicon Film.

on the other hand, it is a fantastic boost for the brand agency... so much free publicity and click-throughs, even for a hoax like this... it's still going to get them a handful of new clients.

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