Does Luck make your Winning Photos?

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Re: Does Luck make your Winning Photos?

I suppose any time you rely on weather or really anything outside your control (outside of a studio) you're subject to luck to some extent ... but it's also been said that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

A landscape photographer might scout a location, then be ready to return there when the weather conditions are right ... he might go back a dozen times at sunset waiting for the right cloud patterns ... when it happens, is it luck ?

OTOH, when I flew out to Utah for a long weekend photographing Arches & Dead Horse Point, having never been in the state before, and just happened to encounter a thunderstorm while there, you could call that luck. (Capturing lightning in a few frames, I'll chalk up to a bit of luck and a bit of work since I knew what to do and shot 100 frames trying to do it).

I guess in summary, I think it's an insult to accomplished landscape photographers to suggest that their results are due to luck simply because they rely on transient weather conditions. The more accomplished they hard (by that, I guess I mean having a portfolio of consistently great images), the harder they probably work at it. Same goes for an accomplished photojournalist. The best ones manage to be in the right place at the right time frequently because of hard work and skill; luck affects the details, not the consistently good results.

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