New I Macs Out?

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Re: Aaaahhh, yeah....It's been all over the usual Mac sites recently. Some

Alpha Doug wrote:

I absolutely agree. My new 15" MBP is astoundingly much faster in all ways than my older Core2Duo 2.4ghz, but it is also much faster than the current i3/i5 models. The model I have processes as fast as a 6 core Mac Pro. I suspect that the new iMacs will be faster than the laptops.
Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}

The new imac will likely use the I7 2600K which is roughly 25% faster than the 2.3gh chip on new Macbook pro.

a new mac book pro with 8 gb of ram can score between 10/11.000 points on Geek bench. The Hackintosh that are already out there with the 2600k I7, bench around 14/15.000. The I7 2600K is faster than the 6 cores on the Mac pro on photoshops tasks, but not as fast on video encoding rendering.

Cinebench scores more or less give the same kind of difference between performance.

Though it is a great performance for a chip that cost 1/3 of the money of the 6 cores on the mac pro.

Here there is a link on some core i 7 benchmarks and tasks.

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