Elinchrom vs Bowens confusion

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Hey NPH, three things...

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Hi KC:

First off, according to the Elinchrom literature, the sync speed on the D-Lite 4s should be 1/250 of a second based on the fact that the ECO included transmitter is compatible with the Skyport "Speed" sync mode. Based on results from my S head Quadra pack (same tube as the D-Lite 4s) you should achieve 1/250 of a second.

Check my reply to Hugo elsewhere in this thread. The D70 "electronic shutter" feature lets you "clip" a flash down to 1/500 or 1/1000 sec, even if the flash has the dog slow 1/266 sec t.1 time of the D-Lite.

But you can't do that with a skyport, even in the "speed" mode, you have to have either a direct PC sync cord connection to the camera (not rocket science, even the OP could make it work) or a really fast trigger, like a Paul Buff CyberSync (1/4 the delay of a Skyport "speed" mode).

I know the regular Skyport transmitter allows you to control the power on lights wirelessly, I don't know whether the ECO does.

Nope, "Transmitter ECO" doesn't have the power up and down buttons or the "group" selector switch of the "Transmitter Speed". It's purely a trigger.

It also doesn't have the flip-up antenna of the Speed, is rated for half the range, and is reported to be unreliable in studio conditions in "speed" mode.

I'd defer to the previous poster on the adequacy of the D Lite vs the BXRI for stopping power, it's beyond the scope of my knowledge. I suspect though, he is accurate.

Perhaps you can confer with a local "guru" based on what you need in terms of flash duration to stop action and build a kit based on your budget on that.

One aside on the Interfit "EX" line, they appear to be made in the same factory as the Calumet Genesis line (both have Elinchrom fittings, they appear to be mirror images of each other) and are purported to be knockoffs of the D-Lites.

Actually, the same factory supposedly makes all three of those lights. The D-Lites themselves are Elinchrom "knockoffs" made in India, just marketed by Elinchrom.

I'm a fan of Elinchroms (most of the bashing I see here tends to come from Paul C Buff enthusiasts

Some of us just have little patience for the Elincult.

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fine lights too, I may have went that way if the Vagabond Mini had existed prior to my exploration into lighting but I believe tough to come by in the UK).

Very hard to get in the UK, unfortunately.

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