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Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

And a couple from Suzanne Little's solo career after Lava Hay broke up.

Interesting stuff Joe - Thanks for the links

My apologies to any actual fans of the OP's videos.

Yes, The International Union of Painters, local 397, are upset with your posts. These videos are the first competition they've had for their monumental film Opus, "Watching the Paint Dry"

I'm a fan of bad movies, and can appreciate things like Plan 9, Robot Monster, Manos: The Hand of Fate, Terror of Tiny Town, etc. I know that poor cinematography and really horrible taste in music can be fascinating, like a traffic accident that you have to slow down and gawk at. So, if any of you are offended by something that actually looks and sounds good, well I am sorry to have caused you pain.

But not very sorry.

Indeed. These video's are actually pretty painful to watch. Did I say "pretty?" No, I meant, well doesn't matter, for one of the few times in my life, insulting words fail me...

There are bad movies which are "good," there are bad movies which are bad, and then there's this stuff. In a class by itself. Apparently we are now suffering for our many sins , and the OP is actually giving us a fortaste of what we can expect in the next, err, life.


Ciao! Joseph

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