Handheld HDR with the Nikon D7000 - how to

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Steve Bingham
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Handheld HDR with the Nikon D7000 - how to

Let's keep it simple.

1 - Turn to page 109 in your manual. This will help.

2- Go into the menu selections under the pencil symbol. Select e5, then AE only. Click OK - this is very important otherwise your selection is not recorded.

3- On the left side of your camera there is a small button named BKT (bracket). Press this button to activate the bracket mode. In the top camera screen you will see the BKT symbol. Now using the front command dial set the right hand number in the screen to 2.0. This stands for f stops. Using the rear command dial set the left number to 3F. This stands for frames and you should see a small plus/minus scale that indicates under - correct - and over.

4- Now, set your shutter dial (left side of camera) to Ch. This stands for continuous high.

5- Here is the beauty of this setup. When you hit the shutter button you will take three separate photographs in 1/2 second . . . and no more!

6- To take it out of bracket mode, simply press the BKT button and rotate the back command dial until the BKT symbol disappears. Done. When you want bracket back on, reverse the procedure.

7- Be sure to use Aperture priority with HDR as you want your depth of field to remain constant.

Advantages: Hand held HDR shots are frequently possible. Your camera is all setup ready to go. Using the base ISO of 100 (really 84) you start with 14 stops of dynamic range. Now you are adding 4 more for a total of 16. Most HDR shots will look great with 16 stops of dynamic range to play with.

Recommended software:
Photomatix has the best tone mapping.

PS CS5 has the best auto alignment but the tone mapping is a little short of Photomatix quality.

Some use both. PS CS5 for perfect alignment, Photomatix for ghost removal and better tone mapping.

So try it!!!!!
Steve Bingham

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