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Re: The REAL story

Chato wrote:

Cedarhill wrote:

The real story with this guy is as follows. He posted a video of his dog (although he misspelled its name!) that was no more exciting than what he posted here. I, and several other people, responded with constructive criticism. Instead of learning anything, he became really ugly and resentful and made up some story about posting demos for his friends (why not just point them to Youtube without going through DPR?). Since then, he has been relentlessly posting garbage on this forum in an attempt to annoy people. Classic troll tactic. He is completely insincere and should either be laughed at or simply ignored.


Far be it for me to condemn pictures of dogs, but oddly enough I actually like Snapping Turtles, and I've seen them doing some really interesting stuff. I've also seem them three or four times what is supposedly the maximum size. Fascinating creatures. A shame that someone sits on this and posts images of paint drying...


Yes Snappy is a real funny turtle it washed up about four years ago in a storm drain, we brought it home and it's been around ever since.

First winter it was frozen solid in it's first pan we used it was about the size on and oil drain pan, he is much larger today. We thought it was a gonner but the wife pulled the pan into the sun.
Later I saw it's eyes blink later the ice thawed and it's been Ok ever since.

It eats chicken in summer and will get out and walk around the yard, it also can climb about anything.
It has never tried to dig out of our yard but could do it with ease.

The other turtle a red slider is it's fast friend it sits on top of Snapper a of in sumer.
In the winter I now cover it up and it stays dormant till it warms up.

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