Why no one talks about the 20mm f1.8?

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Why no one talks about the 20mm f1.8?

Since 24mm f1.4 is neither wide (FOV) enough nor affordable for me, the only option I had was the Sigma 20mm f1.8 - there is no alternative available at this FOV and wide aperture, so I bought a used one and gave it a try. To my pleasant surprise, it is not as bad as I originally thought especially that I paid only a fraction of its original price!

Not sure if it was my luck or that older AF system is more accurate (despite slower), my copy did not require any fine-tuning on my D7000 which is notoriously sensitive. Overall, here are my views on this lens+D7000 combo:

AF is accurate (but slow)
Very sharp from f2.8 upwards (soft corners are hallmarks of Sigma)
Great shallow DOF at f1.8 for environmental portraits esp great for parties
Soft images at f1.8 but usable and can be remedied by pp

Able to focus very close to the subject ie creative perspective, up close & personal!
A poor man's closest alternative to a 24/1.4G!

Here are some samples - not the best (cloud day) but illustrate its image quality, FOV & DOF at wide apertures. Any comments welcome!

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