Advice for purchase of new monitor

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Re: Advice for purchase of new monitor

Thanks for all the comments so quickly really helpful. Seeing in store is excellent advice: regrettably Viewsonic does not seem to have store distribution nor can I find Dell monitors in a store. London retailers carry a limited range of TN screens.

I think the balance of advice leans to Dell U2311H. The reviews favour it - out of the box balance, brightness, response time and price (circa £240) and your comments echo these. I have no recent experience of Dell customer service (moved to Apple five years ago) but I would hope that if there is a problem it would stand behind the product. What I am reading between the lines is that for the printing I will do, I would not appreciate the difference between 6 and 8 bit IPS technology that much and it is hard to be sure that both are not really 6 bit as one review suggests. The 16:10 ratio of the Dell U2410 would be great for office work and it is 8 bit - but £600. The 6 bit U2311H will be a huge improvement on what I have.

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