My NEX-5 EVF is here...

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My NEX-5 EVF is here...

I've managed to come up with a NEX EVF alternative that works incredibly well for me.

While I've been a big proponent of the Clearviewer, it does have limitations. I just made something tonight in about 15 minutes that, IMO, surpasses everything that I've seen so far, and it only cost me about $65. Surely, someone could probably source parts for cheaper, but this is my first implementation of the idea.

Essentially, I've taken my Clearveiwer, cut off the end that attaches to the tripod socket, and glued it to my made-for-NEX LCD shade. The result is a slim, cheap EVF alternative that adds less bulk than a bulky hotshoe EVF like for the Olympus EP-2.

Here are the urls for the Clearviewer and LCD shade:

First, I cut off the tripod attachment end of the Clearviewer and sanded it down slightly to smooth it out a bit. I'd bet the guys at Clearviewer would make a custom piece, for those that don't want to ruin their own Clearviewer:

Second, I slightly sanded out the inside edge of the Clearviewer hinge, so that it opened up fully to 90 degrees:

Finally, I used some super glue to attach the Clearviewer to the top of my LCD shade. Piece of cake!

The design adds a bit of extra depth, but it isn't very noticeable.

I can still open the shade and view the LCD sans magnifier:

Flip down the magnifier, and you've got a shaded EVF equivalent:

Want to shoot waist level? No problemo, this tilts with the LCD:

Want to shoot without it at all? No problemo, it pops right off of the camera easily, because the shade attaches with the four corner attachments made for the Sony LCD protector:

All in all, this works so well that I'm not sure that I'd want a real, add-on EVF, because it would likely be expensive and add a lot of bulk to the top of the camera.

The Clearviewer's main caveat is that there is some distortion of the screen (even with the premium version Clearviewer lens that I have,) but it isn't enough to bother me much at all. Also, the hinge of the magnifier does extend a couple of millimeters below the tripod mount, so that may bother some and get in the way, but my leather case adds enough height to negate the issue, and one could just tilt the LCD slightly up to attach to a tripod while using this "EVF," if they have clearance issues.

I'm thrilled with this thing, and it works like a charm! What do you think?

p.s. if you try this, make sure to line up with the LCD properly. Because of the info panel at the right of the NEX screen, the center of viewfinder is slightly offset to the left.

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