Does K-x Dust reduction work at all?

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Does K-x Dust reduction work at all?

My recent experience would seem to indicate that the K-x dust reduction system, let's call it the imager massager, really doesn't do anything at all.

I think it's simply too slow to dislodge dust. I am quite sure that buzzing motion would frighten away any small bird that happened to land on the imager but aside from that I have my doubts.

On top of that I wonder if whacking the imager around like that is even a good idea long term.

If it's of any use at all I would have the K-x run the dust reduction on startup but I'm beginning to think it was simply put in there as a half-baked marketing ploy before they implemented the Olympus style supersonic AA filter vibration method in the K5.

I really would like to hear from anybody that has success using the K-x imager shaker.

I have also noticed that the startup dust reduction motion is much shorter than the vibration sequence you initiate from the menu.



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