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LoL - who you calling an ignoramus?

Name calling? How lame.

Anway, just to respond to your pathetic response...

B1ackhat wrote:

JohnMatrix wrote:

Although images from the S95 were good, they still "looked" like images from a compact camera (if you know what I mean). i.e. nowhere near dSLR quality.

Guess what? The S95 is a compact camera and no one save a complete ignoramus would expect the images to look anything like dSLR quality.

Many besides me have compared the resolution from compacts and dSLRs at base ISO. Even some well respected sites! http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canong10/page14.asp

Anyway, after studying quite a few JPEGs from all three cameras my main conclusion was, if you don't need manual controls or intend to process RAW, then don't bother with the S95 - just get a much cheaper IXUS model.

You seem to have missed the primary appeal of the S95, which is the improved low light/high ISO performance in a pocketable camera.

No I didn't - read my first post, where I said "Ignoring the additional benefits of S95's manual controls & RAW...the S95's images were obviously cleaner at higher ISOs. But the S95 did show a lot of purple fringing..."

Given all the rave reviews, maybe I had set my expectations too high to start with? Yes, the S95's images were obviously cleaner at higher ISOs.

If they were "obviously cleaner" then how can you argue that there's no point in getting an S95 over a "cheaper IXUS model"?

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that anyone could be this obtuse and I think your post is entirely intended to bait others. Certainly not everyone is going to love the S95, but your post demonstrates that you entirely missed the point of the S95 and had completely unreasonable expectations of it. Considering your level of knowledge, I'd recommend one of those $5 disposable cameras.

Hey that's not a bad idea. The disposable camera will probably have much less CA than the S95

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