Did I get a Used Camera?

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Re: Did I get a Used Camera?

did it ask you about the language selection the first time you turned your camera on ?

this happens only the first time you turned your camera ON (page 27 of the manual)

"A language-selection dialog will be displayed the first time the camera is turned on.
Choose a language and set the time and date. Photographs can not be taken until
you have set the time and date."

when I took mine out of the box it asked for the above, I played for around 30 minutes and set the menu of the d7000 before I took the first picture and when I checked exif it was at 12 actuations.

12 actuactions does not mean I took 12 pictures cos D7000 can release a shutter without taking a picture (page 242 of the manual)

"Note that the camera may sometimes release the shutter without recording a photograph, for example when measuring preset white balance."

I just checked mine and it says 271 actuations (in exif) whilst picture file number is 198

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