Best camera for $500?

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Re: Best camera for $500?

I have heard some say that that you can crop a portion of a photo taken with a 300mm lens on a dslr and get a better quality photo then a megazoom with a 700mm zoom lens all the way out. Would this be true with the Pentax K-x ?


Bare in mind that a P&S rated at 700mm is actually giving the same field of view as a Pentax K-x with a 460mm lens on it. That's a relatively harmless crop from a 300mm lens on the K-x.

In addition the large sensor means that detail is retained better and the noise level is much lower. The low noise also aids detail retention.

Your best bet for that would be the Pentax 55-300 combined with the 18-55 kit lens. The 55-300 is very good optically.

Look for these used if you can't afford them in a kit.

The Pentax K-x comes with two lens. what would the combined weight of the camera and both the lenses be?

A bit over a kilo.

If that sounds like a lot when moving from a P&S I assure you you get used to it pretty quickly. It's a very small weight by DSLR standards.

The the Tamron 18-270mm lens cost over $600 by it self. Could not afford to go this route even if I wanted to.

Try to avoid this all-in-one superzoom route. It's optically not a very good idea. Changing lenses may seem inconvenient now, but it's the best way. The 18-55 and 55-300 are a better optical combination than the single lens.

Again remember to look for used lenses. It's surprising how much you can save if you watch for bargains.

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