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Re: SD Card Speed

The specs on the Canon Website state min class 6 for HD Video.
I'm about to buy a t3i and I'm getting a 16GB Class 10 Sandisk card for it.

At work we only use 32GB Class 10 Sanisks for all our video work which includes full 1080p and high frame rate 720p, and we have never had any issues with the cards at all.

Also there is a vast difference between SDHC cards in terms of read speeds, write speeds and access times. For video avg write speed is probably the most important. Although I like fast read speeds as well, it is good when you go to get the video of the card for editing.
Have a look at for there comparisons on media cards.

Also be awae of buying ulotra cheap Class 10 labled cards of ebay, ALOT of them are class 2 etc just labled as the higher speed. Most people don't notice they are not getting what they pay for because in lower end gear or if you are just shooting stills it doesn't make a huge difference, but you soon notice it when you drop frames or the camera errors when filming.
Hope this helps

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