Does Luck make your Winning Photos?

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Does Luck make your Winning Photos?

Hi Forum,

I went to a Local gallery late last year. There I met the Resident Photographer who uses a Canon 5D Mark 2 and does his own large format printing. I engaged him in a highly informative conversation on lighting, studio, and software for enlargements.

I couldn't help but notice some very large (1000x800mm) canvas prints hanging on the wall. He mentioned Fractals as his choice software. There was one large print of a Tree standing lonely in the middle of an open grass plain and beneath an impending storm of churning clouds. This was quite dramatic, especially with the clouds almost taking the shape of a halo above the tree. Heaps of Dodging and Burning in PS suppose to add to the drama.

"How did you get this shot? I asked, mesmerised by that "Lucky" halo above the tree.

To this question, this resident photographer smirked.

"You've got to get out there" he said

"I suppose you got lucky,' I said, wandering how in God's earth did he get the halo to sit above the tree.

"No, not luck, never believe in luck," he replied, showing irritation.

"But the clouds, you can't repeat that can you?" I pressed on

"When I photograph things, I plan carefully,' he almost snapped, and suddenly became quite busy, sheltering behind his large format printer.

Knowing that I had pressed his delicate-sensitive button, I went on browsing through the exhibits, only now, not appreciating the prints but now thinking about all those "Lucky" winning shots I got all these past few years.

Was I lucky in being at the right place and moment, and did my subjects through some "Act of God" plan to be there for me to photograph?

PS: Sorry about my constant use of double adjectives. Oh by the way, I am not religious.

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