Best camera for $500?

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Re: Best camera for $500?

jungleexplorer wrote:

Thanks for the very informative post. I will look at these option you gave me. But how do I find an 18-250mm lens. Are lens interchangeable between dslrs? Can you use a canon lens on a sony? This is what scares me about dslrs. It's a lot of money to play with if you don't know what your doing.

Indeed it is - a lot of money, an addiction to buying many lenses which you end up always catching even if you don't think you will, and the learning curve in really understanding how to take control of the camera settings to get the best results. That's the fun of photography for some, but for others they simply aren't looking to go that far - they just want good photos in common situations, and are willing to leave certain types of shooting to the enthusiasts.

Most manufacturers have some form of 'ultrazoom' lens available - Tamron and Sigma both make 18-250 or 18-270 lenses for most of the mounts (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax). Some manufacturers have their own versions of 18-200s or 18-250s (Canon has an 18-200, Sony has an 18-250, etc).

In general you stick to the camera mount you buy - Nikon takes Nikon, Canon takes Canon, Sony takes Sony (and Minolta since they took over that line), Pentax takes Pentax, Olympus takes Olympus. Some can take adapters that allow them to use other lenses, but often are bulkier, slower, and lose some functionality like focus or aperture control.

If you don't really need to shoot in low light that often, or when you do you can use a tripod, if you don't intend to frequently shoot indoor sports or flying birds at dusk, and you don't need to make 2-foot by 3-foot prints, you may find a superzoom camera will do just fine for your needs for now.

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