Best camera for $500?

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Re: Best camera for $500?

m43 do come with bundled lenses in the kit but i dont think there is a 30x lens available. i think if you want a 30x lens then , stick with canon and go for the sx30 bridge camera with a 35x zoom. its not an slr or a point and shoot but somewhere in between. its got a good rep too. go to a store and try one out. it also has a flip out screen. r
it can be had for 400ish above and below.

jungleexplorer wrote:

My first digital camera was the Sony CD500. It took good pictures but had horrible write lag. I replaced it with the Sony V1 and then later the Canon SD1100IS. Among these, the V1 was hands down my favorite camera. It had manual controls, that once I learned out to use, allowed me to take pictures that the much newer Canon SD1100IS fails to capture. But that said, the V1 did not have the best picture quality (it was not bad) and it has significant write lag, and of course it was only a 5 megapixel. I have really missed it since I upgraded to the SD1100IS even though the SD1100IS has almost flawless color balance and a much better built in flash.

So now I am ready to upgrade again and a point and shoot it out of the picture. But I can't afford to go dslr either. I have always wanted a longer zoom lens because I do a lot of outdoor stuff and the megazooms are real attractive. A lot of them also do video and that would be a real plus on a mountain hiking trip, having one camera that can take both stills and videos. But now I see another camera out there called a Micro Four-Thirds. From what I read they seem to be something like a compact dslr, but they don't come with a lens.

So my question is this. Should I go with a Micro Four-Thirds and save up for a zoom lens like comes on the Finepix HS20? Or should I just buy a good megazoom? If the answer is yes to the first question, which Micro Four-Thirds should I look at and how would I go about finding a 30X lens for it. If it is yes to the magazoom, which one? Thanks

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