Best camera for $500?

Started Apr 1, 2011 | Discussions thread
sdboyd79 Forum Member • Posts: 97
Re: Best camera for $500?

It really depends on what you want to shoot. Low light? Outdoors/scenic? Wildlife? I'm not totally up to speed with the MFT cameras, but generally, you're going to spend lots of money for zoom lenses that come close to the zoom range offered in today's bridge superzooms. Being that you mentioned outdoors, I'd say that for your price range, you're probably better off with a superzoom camera. I know I had a good experience with Panasonics. You may look into the Panasonic FZ-50, but there are plenty of others. You really just need to roll your sleeves up and do some research into the latest superzooms. Perhaps someone here will be able to provide a little bit better insight into the newer superzooms.

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