Least favourite photography advice cliches and retorts

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Sammy Yousef
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Least favourite photography advice cliches and retorts
  • It's not the equipment it's the photographer

It's both. Otherwise Pro photographers wouldn't buy pro gear - they don't like camera manufacturers enough to donate to their retirement funds

  • Zoom with your feet

Learn the difference between angle of view and subject distance!

  • Nothing beats natural light

Not universally true or flash wouldn't exist. Subtle fill flash often makes a picture much better. (Are you too lazy to learn to use a flash?)

  • If you want to make a photo interesting, don't light all of it

Nice for some shots, irritating for others. I've seen some very interesting fully lit shots.

Every time my flash fails to fire I get a brilliant shot! (None of it is lit!) Also light streaming through man made objects and bouncing on white man made walls isn't so natural.

  • You don't need a new camera! You haven't learnt to use the one you have

Using the wrong tool will only limit your learning. You wouldn't try to saw wood with a hammer because you haven't learnt to use the hammer like a pro.

I'm sure some people will disagree with some or all of the above. Please keep the discussion on topic and non-personal. Also feel free to add your own favourites.

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My forum postings reflect my own opinions and not those of my employer. I'm not employed in the photo business.

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