Intrigued by NX system - worth waiting awhile?

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Re: Intrigued by NX system - worth waiting awhile?

The NX11 brings together the JPEG engine and features of the NX100 and the rest of the features that the NX10/5 has. For just shooting stills its not that big of an upgrade

Considering its ridiculously good price/performance ratio there isn't much point of waiting for the NX11 to be in stores, and I think it will directly replace the NX10. I would suggest going for the NX5 over a NX10 by the way, the only difference between the cameras is the AMOLED being replaced by the LCD, and that amounts to like $200 USD of savings which could go towards more lenses.

I wouldn't hold off the NX10 yet because the NX20's specs are still shrouded in mystery... and its not like the NX10 is really holding anyone back hardware wise. I do expect the NX20 to be a significantly better camera, but, having a second small, lightweight body (NX10) to complement the NX20 when it comes out is always a convenient thing.

One thing you should really exploit with the NX mount is the fact that you can use adaptors, and thats one reason why getting two bodeis is a good idea (manual primers).

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