Old nikon lenses fo m4/3 some advice please

Started Mar 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Have done, not much any more

I have quite a few Nikkor AIS lenses - the 35 1.4, 50 1.2, and some of the newer autofocus lenses that had aperture rings. After quite a bit of experimentation with them on my GF1 and then G2, I found that they were just too fiddly with opening and closing apertures to be able to focus, then stopping down for exposure, etc. They're also big, which kind of blows the benefit of m4/3. If I had Leica lenses, that'd probably be closer to tolerable because while they're still inconvenient in focusing and metering, they're at least small.

I have the Voigtlander adapter, works fine, well made.

The only time I use my Nikon lenses on my G2 now is for super-macro work (bellows, reversed lenses kind of thing.) There's no equivalent gear for m4/3. However, even there, there are big penalties to pay. The small sensor sites kick up the diffraction at small apertures way more than with a DSLR, and unless I'm OK with razor thin depth of field shooting pretty much wide open... not worth it.

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