No K7 love?

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Re: K7 ordered placed

Congrats, reading your story and what you plan on doing with your camera it seems you have made a right choice. Your price was a good one when i got mine it was still while microsoft offered a cashback through bing so i only forked out some $740 that allowed me to get Pentax grip and i couldn't be happier with my purchase.

AF is fast much faster than on previous bodies, external controls will make you life easier and speed up all your operations as you wont dig into menus as much, shake reduction, and just entire ergonomics are bliss to work with i am quite confident you will have plenty of fun with it.

Dont give up on some old manual lenses you can have for a fraction of new ones. I managed to stack up 3rd party lenses from Samyang that you got to focus manually but with focus confirmation it isn't that hard and oem viewfinder is quite easy to work with once you use proper techniques. Well these lenses r not that cheap as old pentax ones my point is you can use manual lenses and you will be happy with results with practice of course.

if you take shots of steady subjects you can use lcd to nail it i have become such a fan of that as you can zoom in and make sure that specific area you wanted to be in focus truly is. and finally i would 2nd suggestion about Pentax 35/2.4 its small, light, has AF and quite impressive IQ and sharpness and wont break your bank i am sure the way you take care of that combo i don't see you having problems with its plastic mount. Anyway once you get it go out and shoot something and post them here with your feedback about K-7.

The camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life. - Ansel Adams

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