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Re: Thoughts on the MkIV

Dr. Leonard wrote:

Scott Larson wrote:

So the professionals who have shot commercials and movies and one episode of the series "House" and the opening credits to Saturday Night Live and the subway scenes of the movie "Black Swan" with Canon DSLRs are all silly people despite how well it worked?

Why did they use a DSLR instead of a movie camera?

For several reasons. Motion picture cameras are large and heavy and expensive. A 35mm camera with a 200 foot mag is not easy to carry around a subway. Also motion picture film is limited to ISO 500 while DSLRs can easily go to ISO 3200 giving them the ability to shoot in very low available light or stop the lens down to get a large DOF.

But mainly it's because the DSLR produces very high quality video, better than many video cameras. It's not silly at all.

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