1ds iii battery drain problem?

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1ds iii battery drain problem?

Hi I have just become the lucky (or so I thought) owner of a 1DS Mark III that I bought at a "bargain" price together with a 24-70 F2.8L, an 85mm F1.2 II and a 100mm Macro USM.

(bought from the auction site in the UK...)

When I leave a fully charged battery in the camera it drains in about 2 days - this is with the camera off and even if I take no photos at all.

I received two LP-E4 batteries with the camera. I have refreshed one (it was showing that it was ude for a refresh in the camera's battery info menu).

I have charged each battery twice in the week I have owned the camera. It also seems that each battery holds its charge when left outside the camera but discharges completely when left in the camera.

In the owner's manual Canon advise taking the battery out when not using the camera but my 1ds mK ii used to hold its charge for weeks and that was with the "inferior" NP-E3 NiMh batteries. Even a third party battery I bought used to hold its charge for weeks, if not months, even left in the camera.

The 85mm F1.2 II I bought with the camera also has excessive play in the focusing ring despite only being 2 years old (date code: UW* )

I feel I may be sending this back...

Has anyone else experienced the battery drain problem? I have done a web search and can't really find anyone else experiencing this.

I also can't believe both batteries are at fault. The camera menu shows they are at full health when charged up.

I said this appeared to be a "bargain" but I still spent a lot of money...

Thanks, Malc

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