a55 vs GH2 - So similar, and yet different

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Re: a55 vs GH2 - So similar, and yet different

Just Having Fun wrote:

antlab wrote:

I don't have the GH2, so I can make personal direct comparisons, but from what I read on the Net, the contrast-detect AF in GH2 seems good, but still not at the same level of the phase-detect in the a55.

Most reviews say the GH2 AF is faster than entry to mid level DSLRs. I found this to be true also...but only with S-AF.
btw, I own a Sony 70-200mm G lens which is pretty quick and tracks better.

Imaging Resource, which is AFAIK the only website that did a direct measurement of both, measured the A55 to be a hair faster, both using single area AF (single shot).

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