Would you wait for a newSony FF

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Re: Would you wait for a newSony FF

well, I already have 2 Alpha full frame cameras, a A850 and a A900 but if I waited this long , I 'd wait just a few more months to get their successor.

I also have a couple of Canon 5D2 bodies and a Pentax K5.

And I like them all but they are very very different.

If I could start it again from scratch , then I 'd get the A55V and good Zeiss primes and just wait a few more months to see if Sony announces a FF with EVF(I prefer shooting with EVF or LV now).

But if I have to choose one camera now , I think I 'd keep my Pentax K5 for its versatility with extremely good low ISO IQ,incredible DR and color depth or my A900 for ultimate landscape IQ,withbanding-free shadow quality.

the 5D2 is also a good camera but it does nothing best , it is a jack of all trades master of none kind of camera, ok-ish low ISO landscape IQ , good high ISO and video but nothing special in any paticular area.

But I already have too many Canon Zeiss zE lenses to sell the 5D2 , just see how the 5D3'll compare to the A99 EVF FF.

I 'd say if you prefer old fashioned conventional camera , go Nikon or Canon but other wise you should stay with Sony for its better electronics (sensors , ADC ,etc).

Ironically my K5 experience made me decide staying with Sony firmly, the K5 sensor is incredible and it is already better than any of current FF sensors from Canon, Sony, Kodak or Nikon, Sony ADC and sensor design is just better than the rest imo.

knightsteveo wrote:

Or would you buy a 850-900. We are looking a new body and want to make the jump to FF. Heard many great thing about 850-900. but as the new wedding season comes we want a full frame.

One thought was 5DMII

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