Some 45mm tilt shift wedding photos from rainy Saturday...

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A few points to consider....

Hi Gavin,

I'm not seeing your first three images at the moment, maybe there's a maxed out server somewhere trying to cope with the Dpreview frenzy.

As a general rule and one that I hope you consider, if a client has paid for a comercial photograph, it's not wise to display this work on an open and public forum. A wedding is a private and personal event and you may find that some of your brides will take issue with you over this matter if they find out. Putting images on your web site is one thing, but putting them on an international and public forum...good luck with that. You may be infringing their privacy rights if they react.

TS-e lenses are going through a bit of a effect overkill at the moment. A bit like mirror lenses and fisheye lenses did a few years back (i'm sure the fisheye look will get a re-surgence once the new 8-15mm fish from Canon is available). They are a faddy niche that once every one is bored wilth, will go the way of a cliche. I would be very careful about integrating an effect into your professional look and feel that will date and divide opinion so quickly. I looked into using a TS-e 45mm for weddings about 5 years ago and rejected it on that basis. It's a fun lens to use for portrature (again less is more here) and fashion work but again, the end client must be kept in the creative loop. It's a look that easily divides opinion. In my experiance, most UK brides are quite conservative about their photography.

As to metering on a wedding day...on a forum like this you'll always get comments about exposure, epsecially from photographers who don't shoot weddings. One man's blown highlights is another's subject isolation, just look at hi-key work. Personally speaking, if a photo is for a competion, sure highlights are necessary. If the emphasis of the photo is to record a moment or expression that is unrepeatable...blown highlights are a part of that record. If the photo has a level of control and pose....then highlights should be controlled.

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