Re: Fujifilm resumes production for X100 large-sensor camera

Started Mar 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
gillbod Senior Member • Posts: 1,598
Google translate of the above

AC is mine I have just been delivered! (ordered on the internet) and I can share my > impressions =

wawh-how fast! it looks like a Leica M ... It comes in a stylish package as the Leica x1-an impression of solidity, has boutons/bagues- of the former, which remain in place (not like the x1) reactivity astonishing, immediate display, a bright viewfinder and accurate (the viewfinder is a hybrid remarkable beauty and it automatically!) - Picture perfect (as I had the x1 and quickly resold given its deplorable slowness and lack of viewfinder) -

a quibble = button at the back of the pad is too small and poorly easy to use-it lacks any zoom! a little big to fit in the pocket

the price is also quite high = 1200 € approximately (- x1 expensive than all the same)
In summary a great camera, a success, a large number who will make history!
Finally I have a poket high quality!
FUJI thank you!

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