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Stephen McDonald
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HX100V Lens Adaptor

Well, I can't say what the possibilities are for a lens adaptor on an HX100V, until I have a look at one. If ASR looks at the outer lens housing of his and determines if there's any mounting threads inside it, that would help. Also, I need to know the inside diameter of the outer lens housing and how much clearance there is between it and the extending lens barrel. How much farther the HX100V lens extends than the one on the HX1, is also needed information.

Jerry Stevens wrote:

As I said, Stephen McDonald has posted on this extensively in this forum. Just put in "HX1 Adaptor" into the forum search field and you can read all about it. The first five hits take you straight there . . .

Steve already has studied the barrel configuration of the HX100V and has determined that this cam is similar to the HX1, such that any adaptor he constructed for the HX1 would have a similar approach for the HX100V.
Jerry (Gerald L. Stevens)

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