How much would you be willing to pay for such Leica M system

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Re: How much would you be willing to pay for such Leica M system

I nearly agree: M9 new = 5100 euros (one monthe ago for me) so second hand 4000, the 28 mm i agree, 35 mm pre asph : just bought one for 1050 euros, which make me arriving at 12K€, good deal for both parties.


(weird: on the summilux website there is a noctilux , very clean but third hand - for ony 10% under the new price. The dealer will give you between 5 and 10 percent in europe, so which "rich" person would buy second hand, having the risk of failures, faults, dust, less or no garantie, and risk in moneytransfer that you do not have in a shop...)

noegd wrote:

MatjazVrecko wrote:

If you had a chance to buy such kit (in Europe), how much would you be willing to pay

I wouldn't buy such a kit in one go, although I must admit it comes close to the ideal M kit.

I'd say the M9 is worth 4500€, the M6TTL around 1000€ (although I've seen user M6TTLs down to 750€) and the SF24D about 200€.

The lenses are more difficult to estimate, but I think the following are good prices that are possible on some classifieds sections in specialised forums: the 28 1000€, the 35 3000€, the 50 2000€ and the 75 2000€.

So, in total, you're looking at 14k€!

Of course, if you're willing to buy everything as a kit, don't hesitate negotiating a lower price.

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