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The lag issue

Certainly resolution & refresh rate have been put forward as part of the problem, however. What else would be impeding speedier lens-to-EVF throughput? Are we not likely to see a much more robust throughput system in the A77?

The current A55 does a fair bit of image processing before presenting you with an image in the EVF. As it is a small camera with a limited power supply built to a fairly low cost-per-unit level, it is not inconceivable that this first-of-its-type gadget doesn't make every single person in the photography world happy.

Given the hypothetical proposition that a more professional-level camera should have more powerful chips to do image processing, it is highly likely that the EVF lag should be down to something that is virtually imperceptible by the user.

Seeing as the EVF is one of the major selling points of SLT cameras (it is, in fact, a runaway sales success) and that Sony seems to want to stay in the professional photography business, it's almost a given that the lag issue will be all but solved.

I say "almost" above in light of the fact that Sony has pushed some incredibly stupid mistakes onto the market in the past and nothing is truly impossible with this company. To clarify, I have stopped being a proponent of Sony years ago due mainly to their asinine business practices.

So, yes, I do expect to see a more robust throughput system in the upcoming A7-series camera!


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