TS3 GPS Problem

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Re: TS3 GPS Problem

I can't answer specifically for the TS3, but a good, fast GPS fix needs a clear shot at the sky; several satellites are needed to get the fix, and they generally begin by looking for satellites that would be available from their last fixed position.

Being inside a room or a car may slow getting a fix, or make it not possible at all. Trees can do the same, as can buildings or other obstructions. Even fancy and expensive hiking GPS's suffer from the same problems, so it's not just that cameras are poor at it. If it's in a case, or in a pocket, it may or may not get a fix, or it may take longer.

So give it a try in an open area; take the camera out of its case and turn it on, and see if it gets a fix relatively quickly. I was in an open field today with my ZS7, about 30 miles from where the camera had been used the day before, and the first photo shows the data from my old (yesterday) location; the second photo, taken 8 seconds later, showed the correct data, so it was pretty quick. I'd guess the TS3 GPS is similar to the ZS7's in performance and design, so see how it does in a good situation like that. If it still stumbles and doesn't get a fix, despite clear access and having a previous fix within a reasonable distance, I'd call them back and complain more, as it should work OK under those conditions.
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