Got it! Add u4/3 Supertelephoto lenses and the market will come over

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Re: My reasons differ

Mike Fewster wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Second, they are advantages of any mirrorless EVF system, not just m43. Although both you and I now have our eyes focused on what goes on in the world of m43, we both know that this is primarily because this is the only mirrorless EVF system that can really claim to be a system at this point. If there were any reasonably full-featured and reasonably priced mirrorless EVF systems with APS-C or FF sensors, I'd certainly take a close look at what they have to offer before settling for m43.

There sure are. Have a look at a Sony A55. Yes, it uses a mirror, but not in the sense of other mirror slrs. It is in fact a mirrorless camera with the advantages of small body size and live view. It uses a mirror to solve the fast focus issues of other mirrorless designs, and it can focus and shoot sequences very fast indeed. And it has a full system of lenses available.

I am fully aware of the Sony A55. I specifically used the term "mirrorless EVF" to exclude it from the alternatives I had in mind. While the A55 might be an alternative for people who need to shoot fast bursts, need fast AF-C or need a more complete set of lenses than that currently available for m43, it has a number of disadvantages that clearly suffice to rule it out in my personal book. Compared to the GH2, the con list (which makes no claim to completeness) includes the following:

  • Not nearly as precise/accurate/reliable AF

  • The fact that it loses about one third of the light passing through the lens to the PDAF system vitiates the advantage of the larger (APS-C) sensor. At the same time, the crop-factor is still that of APS-C, so more bulk and weight without the benefits at the telephoto end.

  • Same flange distance as Sony DSLRs and thus unnecessarily large and heavy lenses for normal FOV (about 35 mm on APS-C) and wider.

  • The fixed pellicle mirror is reported the give rise to image artifacts (reflections) in certain cases (but I am not saying that this is a big or common problem)

  • Not quite as good video capabilities as the GH2

  • Not quite as small and light as the GH2 (but I admit the difference is marginal)

  • Not quite as good an EVF as the GH2 (based on the reports I have seen)

  • Not as good (extensive/customizable) a control set/user interface as that of the GH2

  • No multi-aspect sensor

  • Not as wide a selection of legacy lenses

The things I'd nevertheless like the GH2 to borrow from the A55 are:

  • IBIS (though OIS partly makes up for that)

  • Built-in GPS (nice but not essential in my book)

  • Remote flash control (I am pretty sure the Sony has this but I didn't check)

Structurally speaking, I look at the A55 as a hybrid stop-gap solution. Why settle for that if you can now get the real thing?

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