Best setting (and questions) for video with 60D

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Best setting (and questions) for video with 60D

Hi All:

Relatively new to my 60D. While I am an accomplished still photographer, I am quite new to video. I want to use the video capability of my 60D. Can anyone give me their suggestion(s) for the best settings for video? Here is what I have learned (and am going to video this weekend.)

1. I must shoot a 640x480. Otherwise too much data and my pc's have a very hard time editing HD.

2. I REALLY need to learn to hold the camera more still. Tripod is out (at least for this particular video and I have no mono pod --yet!)

3. Autofocus and auto zoom is VERY noisy. Audio on the camera picks the mechanical noise up VERY well. However, I am (currently) not good at all with manual zoom/focus for video.

4. What is the best options/combinations for AF Mode, AF with shutter button during movie recording, and AF and metering buttons for movie recording?

Here is the setting:
1. Saturday looks like it will be Sunny and mid 70's
2. I use my 18-200 mm lens with the 60D (only lens I have)

3. Will be shooting an outdoor historical walking tour in a cemetery. There will be five staged vignettes during the tour
4. I have to be a inconspicuous as possible

thanks for your assistance,

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